Friday, June 20, 2008

Paid Way More Than He Is Worth: 2006-2007 Official "Total Compensation" of Rep. Matthew Hill from the Tennessee Taxpayers

Well, I suppose it is official now as this database information regarding Rep. Matthew Hill was posted at the --- although Rep. Matthew Hill was re-elected for the 2006-2007 legislative term, returned zero "Year of Service in exchange for being compensated $29,582.00 as elected representative of the Tennessee 7th House District. You would figure that the Tennessean staff would at least give Rep. Hill some credit in the "Years of Service" catergory just for showing up at the Tennessee House chamber for just showing up with a pulse and an ability to breathe on his own! State salary information for 2007 - Rep. Matthew Hill

Full F
Years of Service 0
Hourly Wage Fy 07-08 $9.29
Total Compensation Fy 06-07 $29,582.00

Overtime $0.00
Overtime percent 0%

I always like (not really) how these members of the Tennessee General Assembly will complain to anyone in the news media that will listen to them bitch and moan about being "part-time" legislators, all while receiving the same benefits (and then more) as regular and year round State of Tennessee employees... and I can remember when a younger WPWT 870 AM "Good Morning Tri-Cities" host Matthew Hill was repeatedly on-air begging the Rev. Daddy Dr. Kenneth C. Hill for an hourly pay raise.

Let's just hope Governor Bredesen was able to offer Rep. Matthew Hill an early retirement buyout package...


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