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Rep. Matthew Hill and The Bates Boys: Masters of Unravelling The New World Order

I was recently reviewing some posted online campaign finance disclosure reports filed for Rep. Matthew Hill and found the following information about one particular contributor:
Amended 2008 Early Year End Supplemental (2007) for MATTHEW HILL submitted on 02/24/2008

Contributor BATES, LARRY
Rec'd For Primary
Date 18-AUG-07
Amount $500.00
Aggregate $500.00

It was not the size of the contribution to Rep. Hill's campaign treasury that caught my attention (after all, the campaign cash received from the various John M. Gregory family members/relatives and the Gregory-controlled Tennessee Conservative PAC still drawfs most all other campaign contributions received by Rep. Hill), but rather, it was that this Larry Bates is listed by Hill or his organization as being "self-employed" within the broadcast industry without listing Bates' actual company name.

So just who is the Memphis area broadcaster Larry Bates anyway? Perhaps some distant DJ with a lot of loose money to toss around to conservative nutcase politicians? A quick examination of Hill's campaign finance records would certainly not reveal this hidden information...

The Bates Boys: Masters of Unravelling The New World Order

A lenghtly Google search reveals that Larry Bates is both a former associate of Jake Butcher and a former three-term Democrat member of the Tennessee House of Representatives (1970-1976; Bates switched to the Republican Party after he moved to Memphis). It also turns out that Bates wears many other hats (small bank CEO, economist, author) and heads up the Information Radio Network, Inc. (IRN USA Radio News) --- and one of the radio programs featured on for-profit Information Radio Network is the newly and nationally syndicated "The Matthew Hill Show" airing at 0800 a.m. and 1200 noon (1-800-773-8255).

So why is it that Rep. Matthew Hill is hiding his employment/independent contractor relationship with Larry Bates from public review of the Matthew Hill campaign disclosures filed with the Tennessee Secretary of State?

Dr. Larry Bates
Chuck Bates

Bloggers Posting About Larry Bates
Larry Bates offers his prescription for End Times woes: buy and eat silver
August 12th, 2007 by Erich Vieth
[excerpts of Vieth paying to attend a seminar to learn about Larry Bates]

"Bates is highly suspicious of George W. Bush's "New World order." It is a conspiracy against the people of the United States, and it amounts to "one world socialism, an attempt to make everyone poor except for an elite ruling class." He exhorted that the creation of the Federal Reserve was a conspiracy to rob the American middle class. The Federal Reserve is a "criminal syndicate." According to Bates, the head of the Federal Reserve is more powerful than the president of the United States. In all earnestness, he told the crowd that the 1938 panic-provoking radio adaptation of "War of the Worlds" was not entertainment. It was a test by the government elite to see if the federal government could maintain control over the New World Order."


"The Democrats are the party of big government, militant homosexual "rights and domination". The Democrats are Socialists, from the party of Karl Marx, where the government owns and controls everything, including all means of distribution and production. "Liberals hate property rights". Bates drew numerous parallels to the Soviet Union, where people had to wait in long lines for everything. "That's what the Democrats would bring us," he urged.

He warned that you can't overlook the Republicans just because are imperfect. He understands that "Jesus Christ is not on the ballot. If you hurt the Republicans, you hurt yourself." "Dingy Harry Reid is corrupt and Nancy Pelosi is a disaster." Whenever you have a strong economy, youÕve got limited government. It's that simple." "Are there any litmus test for politicians? Absolutely. Don't vote for anybody who believes in any right to abortion" "Nothing tells you more about politicians that sanctity of life. If they don't get this right, they get nothing right."

What else did he think about some the candidates? There was no holding back. "Hillary Clinton shouldn't be president because God has a natural order for things." Bates paused to caution the audience, "I'm not a chauvinist." Then he forged on: "God is the head of man and man is the head of women. A two-headed family is a freak." He offered this evidence of his position: "Indonesia is struggling because it is a matriarchy. To allow women to run the country is to violate God's order. "God says there should not be a woman president. It is as aberrant as "letting children run a household."

According to Bates, "Barack Hussein Obama" (he repeated this full name several times) is a radical muslim who was educated in a radical muslim school."His Church is full of people who," according to Bates, "hate white people."


Are there some good Republican candidates? "You bet," according to Bates. For instance, Tom Tancredo got it right when he recently got tough with Muslims. Bates described it like this: "if you use a nuclear device in the United States, then we will use a nuke to take out Mecca and Medina . . . [applause] . . . Brutal force is the only thing these birds understand." Upon hearing and seeing this, I was stunned! Though I tried, I couldn't recall the particular verse of the Bible where Jesus said, "If someone shits on you, shit on them..."

What are some of the big issues of the upcoming election? National health insurance is a big issue. "If we have national health insurance, it will "ruin the country." "The country ends when we enact national health insurance. What's the evidence for this dramatic prediction? Tennessee has free government medical care, yet (according to Bates) nobody signs up for it." Therefore, there's no need for national health insurance. "Under national health insurance, Bill Clinton would have had to wait six weeks to get an appointment and six months to get his necessary surgery." National health insurance involves the "efficiency of the post office and the compassion of the IRS." Furthermore, it will "drive the cost of health care way up." National healthcare will bankrupt the country: "The government that can give you everything you want must, by definition, take everything you've got."

Bates explained that churches will need to get more into the healthcare business, because they have more to offer than the healthcare establishment. Churches have the courage to "tell the bums that they are bums" (I wondered what the bum lobby would think of this statement.)...,

[However, in the defense of bums, these down-and-out citizens are usually not seeking tax-exempt status from local, state, and federal governments...]

"...We have too much Blue Cross and Blue Shield. We depend too much on man and not enough on God. We've replaced God on the throne with government on the throne. We look to Jehovah government instead of God."

Bates announced that if anyone gets sick, it's that person's own fault. "There are plenty of things you can do so that you don't get sick," according to Bates. "You can take regular doses of that colloidal silver I first learned about from the handouts." He announced that "colloidal silver kills all bacteria". Someone in the back of the room then announced "Amen!" "Gee, Larry" I wondered, "Are you sure you want to kill all the bacteria in your body, including the beneficial bacteria that reside in your gut?" He marched on, undeterred. Bates claims that he puts silver in his milk to keep it from spoiling. "It will never spoil as long as you put silver in your carton of milk." He urged the audience to buy the colloidal silver generating kit, so they can make their own colloidal silver. He warned the audience that the FDA does not want people to know about the amazing healing powers of silver. "The FDA doesn't want the competition - it would put some big pharmaceutical companies out of business." "In fact, the FDA is about to try to outlaw the use of silver as a medicine." "Modern pharmaceuticals are "witchcraft."

More than a few bloggers responded to these comments attributed to Bates:
William Lindquist Says:
August 27th, 2007 at 10:35 pm

Regarding your Larry Bates article, here's my claim-to-fame honest-to-god-story with the so-called Dr Larry Bates.

About seven years ago I was listening to Larry and his "yes-daddy-that's-exactly-right" son Chuckie on WWJC in Duluth, MN, talk about how the bible demands we execute murderers.

I called in and asked Larry and his son that if abortion is "murder", should we execute women who have one. Larry and Chuckie first said we should execute the doctors, not the women. When I reminded them that there is a pill (RU-486) available for women to take, they both hemmed and hawed and never quite answered.

However, the very next day on his radio show, Larry apologized for not being clear. He said that as a society we SHOULD execute ALL women that have ever had an abortion. He admitted it was a difficult decision to expose the truth, and that he lost an advertiser for his view, but wanted to make it clear that we EXECUTE all women that have had an abortion.

Now there's a real "Christian" for ya. YAAAAAA GOD!!!!!

William Lindquist


S. Slyfield Says:
January 2nd, 2008 at 11:03 pm

Thank you! You are doing a great service in exposing this quack. l live in Tennessee and know that the the Tennessee House is overrun with self-professed Christians who take away health care and damn anyone who isn't wealthy. The few real democrats in the Tennessee politics who care about the masses have genuine cause to fear for their life. Even Al Gore, as wealthy as he is. I think Bates is right about the global elitist trying to have a global feudal system. But it is nuts like Bates who take quotes from the Bible out of context and do the exact opposite that Jesus would do. Unfortunately, most people have never completely read even one of the several versions of the Bible and do not know this
Sioux Falls, SD

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Blogger Scott said...

I am a Christian! Dr. Bates and his kid have absolutely no compassion for anyone other than Christians who espouse their kind of Christianity They are borderline militant and doomsayers to the n'th degree. I believe abortion is murder except where the life of the mother is in danger and until the law changes personal opinions like the Bates boys' should be kept only to your inner circle.These morons are in for a great surprise when they get to Heaven...if that is where they are going anyway...

Monday, June 8, 2009 at 2:15:00 PM EDT  

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