Sunday, July 29, 2007

U.S. Rep. David Davis' Playhouse: His House office using federal tax dollars to vandalize Wikipedia political bios

Rep. David Davis, Timothy Hill, Wikipedia, Rep. Matthew Hill

Ethically Updating Wikipedia

"The article is about how, in some cases, a marketer can work with Wikipedia in an ethical manner while still emphasizing an online presence. The tips are great and obviously well thought out but I found the most fascinating to be Durova's examples of how underestimating Wikipedia can be a dangerous business. In her examples she notes how the transparent nature of Wikipedia has caught anonymous users on government-based IP addresses editing political Wikipedia profiles to delete unflattering content.

For example, Durova cites how the Wikipedia listing of Tennessee state politicians Matthew Hill and David Davis was edited to remove the information that they had both accepted contributions from pharmaceutical companies. According to Durova, the IP address used to make the edits came from a congressional computer. [; ] The best part of Wikipedia is that, much to the chagrin of the illicit editor, each of these edits are publicly available - transparent indeed! "

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OrgName: Information Systems, U.S. House of Representatives
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City: Washington
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PostalCode: 20515
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NetHandle: NET-143-231-0-0-1
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RegDate: 1990-10-17
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RTechHandle: JA1117-ARIN
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OrgName: State of Tennessee
Address: Department of Finance and Administration
Address: Office for Information Resources
Address: 598 James Robertson Pkwy, 3rd Floor
City: Nashville
StateProv: TN
PostalCode: 37243
Country: US

NetRange: -
NetName: TNNET
NetHandle: NET-170-141-0-0-1
Parent: NET-170-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Allocation
NameServer: DNS3.STATE.TN.US
NameServer: DNS4.STATE.TN.US
RegDate: 1994-04-29
Updated: 2002-09-06

RTechHandle: IM-ORG-ARIN
RTechName: IP Manager
RTechPhone: +1-615-741-9361

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Rep. Matthew Hill Spends $11k For Direct Mail Service - In Georgia!

I wenta' searchin' through the Tennessee Online Campaign Finance web site and found this gem: Rep. Matthew Hill spent $11,000 to get out a last-minute campaign card mailed out to 7th House District voters before the November 2006 General Election by a private mail service --- in Georgia!

Check it out:

2006 Fourth Quarter

Campaign Address:
(423) 384 - 2248
Home Address:

Election Date:

Office Sought:

Fourth Quarter
10/29/2006 to 01/15/2007

PO BOX 725587

11/04/2006 $11,000.00

It is really too bad that Rep. Hill wouldn't spend that $11,000 in Northeast Tennessee (or at least in the State of Tennessee)....

Monday, July 16, 2007

Marx E. Simpleton's Abortion Blood-Guilt: His School Boy Love And Advocacy For Fred Thompson

Boy, I am betting that WPWT 870 AM "Good Morning Tri-Cities" host Marx E. Simpleton is ready to curl up his toes and draw his feet back up under the house that his sister dropped on him after finding out that possible 2008 U.S. President Fred Thompson worked as an abortion rights lobbyist to the White House way back in 1991. Yep, Simpleton now shares the fetus-stained blood guilt of abortion with Thompson.

The Los Angles Times published the article "Thompson lobbied for abortion-rights group, it says" within the July 7, 2007 edition of the newspaper, outlining Thompson working for the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association. Past NFPRHA President Judith DeSarno presented a copy of the September 14, 1991 NFPRHA board meeting minutes outlining Thompson being hired as a lobbyist and his working to overturn the so-called abortion "gag rule":
...Judith DeSarno, who was president of the family planning association in 1991, said Thompson lobbied for the group for several months.

Minutes from the board's meeting of Sept. 14, 1991 — a copy of which DeSarno gave to The Times — say: "Judy [DeSarno] reported that the association had hired Fred Thompson Esq. as counsel to aid us in discussions with the administration" on the abortion counseling rule.

Former Rep. Michael D. Barnes (D-Md.), a colleague at the lobbying and law firm where Thompson worked, said that DeSarno had asked him to recommend someone for the lobbying work and that he had suggested Thompson. He said it was "absolutely bizarre" for Thompson to deny that he lobbied against the abortion counseling rule.

"I talked to him while he was doing it, and I talked to [DeSarno] about the fact that she was very pleased with the work that he was doing for her organization," said Barnes. "I have strong, total recollection of that. This is not something I dreamed up or she dreamed up. This is fact."

DeSarno said that Thompson, after being hired, reported to her that he had held multiple conversations about the abortion rule with Sununu, who was then the White House chief of staff and the president's point man on the rule.

Thompson kept her updated on his progress in telephone conversations and over meals at Washington restaurants, including dinner at Galileo and lunch at the Monocle, she said. At one of the meals, she recalled, Thompson told her that Sununu had just given him tickets for a VIP tour of the White House for a Thompson son and his wife.

"It would be an odd thing for me to construct that thing out of whole cloth," DeSarno said. "It happened, and I think it's quite astonishing they're denying it."
Go figure...Simpleton giving a partisan pass to Republicans on the abortion issues of abortion lobbying and RU-486 --- Simpleton is a truly ignorant man and he shares their blood guilt in these abortion matters.

You can contact Simpleton and WPWT by sending email to

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Against The Tennessee Cigarette Tax: Rep. Matthew Hill Votes His Approval For Fetus-Killing Spontaneous Abortion

Too bad that all those little fetuses across Tennessee weren't opening up their "pre-born" checkbooks and making their small-fisted, and yet, hefty donations to Rep. Hill's "buy my vote" campaign treasury, as Rep. Hill sided with the all baby-killing tobacco lobbyists, fellow nutcase GOPeers, and nictonie-addicted butt-suckers across the Volunteer State in order to vote against the Tennessee tobacco tax legislation put forth by Governor Bredesen and his TNGA supporters.

Well, it is now official...Rep. Matthew Hill is a pro-abortion "baby killer...

A vote "no" for the cigarette tax is tantamount to supporting abortion, as medical studies have long shown that cigarettes smoking is a signifficant risk factor for spontaneous abortion:

Smoking: a risk factor for spontaneous abortion
New England Journal of Medicine

Tennessee Rep. Matthew Hill Vows To Keep Tennessee Women Barefoot, Pregnant, and Smoking.

And I thought that it was bad enough when a cold-hearted Rep. Matthew Hill turned a blind eye toward taking his wheel barrows full of RU-486 tainted campaign donations during his previous election cycles...

Monday, July 02, 2007

Marx E. Simpleton: Spreading His "Christian CONservative" Pravda

Ho, hum...back from a break.

Catching the radio this morning while listening to Marx E. Simpleton spreading his Christian CONservative Pravda over the airwaves...I am just wondering if Simpleton can bring a truck load of it by the HQ and spread it around some of the trees here.

Perhaps you can recall the 1965 movie "In Harm's Way" (of the World War II Pacific Theater genre) starring John Wayne and Patricia O'Neil. In this movie, O'Neil's character (a Navy nurse Maggie who eventually becomes the lover of Wayne's character Admiral Rockwell Torrey) is bringing a cup of coffee to Adm. Torrey while he is in his office listening to Tokyo Rose propaganda on the radio and doing some paper work. At this point in the film, the nurse asks if they (meaning the U.S. Armed Forces) can't block the radio signal from Tokyo Rose.

Torrey responds to the nurse by stating something to the effect that the troops don't actually give Tokyo Rose and her propaganda any credibility; they only listen to her program for the American pop music.

The same thing can be said for listening to Simpleton during WPWT 870 AM "Good Morning Tri-Cities", except WPWT 870 (unlike Tokyo Rose sixty some years ago) doesn't air any good music.

In case you have not listened to the WPWT 870 morning radio "Good Morning Tri-Cities" with Marx E. Simpleton and his off-the-wall "CONservative Christian" rants, you should probably tune in 870 AM, if only just to record some of the GOP propaganda spewed forth over the public airwaves by WPWT.

The Asskisser's Manual: The Art of Keeping Your Boss Happy
Ademar Gomes
ISBN 0-931761-96-4
sample Acrobat .pdf file

Simpleton, in many ways, is my favorite sycophant --- not that he has ever said any praise about me --- as he artistically grovels with absolute subserviance to the mere mention of any republican politican: e.g.: former U.S. Fred Thompson, U.S. Representative David Davis, Tennessee Rep. Matthew Hill (Simpleton's workplace superior at WPWT).

Perhaps Simpleton on some level is correct in persuing his suck-up approach to Rep. David Davis as this type of ego stroking probably helped to advance his less capable predecessor and morning host at "Good Morning Tri-Cities" --- Timothy Hill--- to be appointed as Rep. Davis' press secretary.

Just a couple of months back, I started feeling a little sorry for this AM ass-kisser of the airwaves after he had been on-air for several days ranting and denoucing the truthful reports (and reporters) of Fred Thompson having been divorced. "Lies, lies, lies!", Simpleton often retorted in his slavish defense of Thompson. Email was sent to Simpleton to prove otherwise the actual facts cocerning Thompson's divorce --- and he promptly shut his flapping pie-hole about this matter.

What a surprise...

But perhaps that is what this Simpleton approach at WPWT is all about: spreading the Christian CONservative Pravda: more cultish that Christian, more fascist than conservative, and unfortunately, more propaganda posturing as "Truth".